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Every day a user risks the infection of multiple digital viruses.
In this historical period, attempts to break cyber security have multiplied.
The more the quarantine progresses, with the multiplication of computers connected from home, the more digital viruses have increased. They are attacking our social and economic fabric, some are lethal, deceiving people and even anti-spam.
An email arrives with the subject “coronavirus”, “prevention”, “important information on precaution”. Virus spreaders take advantage of the general confusion, home PCs networked with the company for improvised smart working, and the naive citizen falls for it: opening the email or the attached links ends up in the malicious site.
The risks are many: theft, loss of data or their compromise, theft of bank credentials or strategic information, the slowdown or blocking of business, threats of data disclosure, and much more. You have to protect yourself, do it now!


Slow computer? Does it restart itself? Doesn’t it allow you to surf quickly? You may be connected to a hacker without your knowledge. Nowadays, few things scare us more than a foreign intrusion into your computer. If you suspect that your computer is currently under the remote control of a hacker, the first thing you should do is to disconnect it completely from the internet. In this case, however, you can no longer surf the internet. One of our small applications will allow you to find out which applications are active on your PC, which ones are authorized and which are not. You will also find out the remote address, so you can disconnect unwanted applications. Once the system is safe and fully efficient again, you can take some steps to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

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