Tyvek Type3 4 5 6 Chemical


Tyvek/Type4/5/6 chemical/Microporous/Taped seams/ PP/SMS/industry/Hospital/Waterproof/Laboratory/Safety/work/boiler suit/Disposable Nonwoven otective Coverall

Fabric: PP, Nonwoven, Micro porous film 35gsm-68gsm
Popular Color:  White, Blue, Orange ,Navy, Yellow, Pink, Green,

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Waterproof, Breathable, Lightweight, Anti-Static, Durable, Soft Barrier against Chemicals and Aerosols, Particle Protection

Key Features:
 Taped seam means a fully sealed seam- against liquid and dust ingress
 Permeation tested against a basic range of chemicals
 Co-extruded fabric for light, soft and flexible finish
 Fully elasticated hood, ankles and wrists provides maximize comfort and protection
 EN1073-2 for protection against dust particles that may be contaminated with radiations
 EN14126 for protection against biological hazards and infective agents
 Approved in accordance with EN1149 antistatic standard

Prodection Level:

 EN 14605: 2005 – Type 3: Liquid tight suits
 EN 14605: 2005 – Type 4: Protection against sprays of liquid chemicals
 EN 13982: 2004 – Type 5: Protection against hazardous dry particles
 EN 13034: 2005 – Type 6: Protection against light spray of liquids

Suggested Applications:

 Work with low-toxic inorganic chemicals
 Low-pressure cleaning work and industrial cleaning
 Ship and automotive construction,work with varnishes and paints
– Agriculture and horticulture (pesticide protection)
 Pest control
 Electronics and cleanroom environments
 Work with asbestos and dismantling
 Remediation of contaminated sites
 Pharmaceutical industry and laboratories

Informazioni aggiuntive

Shelf Time

Two Years

Exporting Port

Wuhan/ Shanghai





HS Code


The Waist Tie Length

Adjustable Due to Your Request

Delivering Time

Within 25days After Order Confirmation

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Xiantao, Hubei, China